Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Could this be portrayed as a many-splendored thing?

A many-splendored thing can normally happen only in a dream or a fiction.For it to happen to two love-lorn dreamers who are so far apart in Singapore and the United States of America could only be with the divine benevolence.It had been latent for so long that it suddenly kindled with such an emergence of passion so exquisite that other people can only marvel but not emulate.

The novelty of this passionate communion began quite blithely in 2014 when the heroine took up the cudgels to fight injustice on behalf of a defiant victim of the injustice. From there they developed a mutual intellectual admiration which gradually evolved into intellectual soulmates because of the strong mutual emotional attractions. Then came the crucial moment for the rescuee to sum up enough raw courage with the heart in his mouth to pop the question to the heroine to be his goddaughter. So promptly came the acceptance from the heroine to the disbelief of the the godfather who thought it could have happened only with divine benevolence.

As if with the sudden release of pent-up passion thus began an unending exchange of communication of beautiful and mesmerising expression of sentimental emotions which were thought not possible except in a dream or fiction. Because of the possible strain on sustainability it has now been relaxed to occasional pauses to reinvigorate.

The whole family including the father have given their blessings to their relationship. Especially the father who is intellectually endowed wrote a lengthy sentimental email to his daughter's godfather to endorse the relationship in the most magnanimous manner.

The heroine has a boyfriend who is a Caucasian who is very understanding and open-minded about his girl friend's relationship with her godfather. She and her boyfriend will be visiting Singapore relatively soon to cement her relationship with her godfather and also for the boyfriend, apart from sightseeing, to see for himself what kind of a freakish creature is her godfather to be able to captivate his girl friend intellectually to be his goddaughter. The goddaughter has expressed a keen desire to meet as many of her godfather's friends as possible during her short sojourn in Singapore.The godfather will make the arrangements to fulfill her wish.

It's God's wish that the relationship can only be transient and this may be their last chance to seeing each other. It is unlikely that the godfather could still be around in her future visits.

The goddaughter is actually a Singapore-born author with the pen name Jess C. Scott based in the United States who works flexibly for a personal growth podcast. Her real name is Jess Chua.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Is there a minority uprising against Chinese majoritarianism ?

You may not see this in the main stream media, especially the Straits Times which is understandable. But the social media is deluged with angry minority dissenting voices against apparent Chinese majoritarianism. It is interesting to examine why this sensitive political issue is being ventilated openly in the public now? For a long time since PAP came into power under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew  in 1959 this issue had been latent because PAP was so powerful that it would have been utterly insane for anyone to voice open dissent. But the minority now believes that the world is changing in their favour and it would be a matter of great regret if they did not take this opportunity to draw local and international attention to this grievance.So you now witness this uproarious dissent from the minority.

The PAP leaders could not have been so oblivious to this latent political issue with their blatant sinocised policy that they could not see the danger. One activist asked a pertinent question on Malay loyalty which Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was particularly concerned with which restricted the recruitment of Malays into the Army and other sensitive jobs.He asked what would the loyalty of Singapore Chinese be in the event of a war with China.This may be hypothetical but many people would like to know the answer.The PAP cannot deny that there are considerable number of Pro-China Chinese in Singapore. If a war breaks out with China would they be put in a concentration camp like what the Americans did to the Japanese Americans in the last war with Japan? This is unimaginable but fortunately it is a hypothesis but you cannot prevent people from having such awful thoughts.

It is ironical that this delicate task falls on the shoulder of Minister K> Shanmugam to tackle. Being a member of the minority he finds himself in an invidious and precarious position where he has to exercise extreme care and skill to ensure that he is not seen to be bias against the minority. Any wrong move on his part may result disastrously in his being branded a renegade to the minority cause. The issue is an intractable problem which the PAP can only ignore in their own peril. But it would be suicidal to allow the matter to fester.

Former PM Lee Kuan Yew may have been a genius but he was not infallible.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Dramatic Rise of Lee Kuan Yew

I have posted on 4 May 2018 that it would be my swan song but I have to reluctantly resume as I could not for some esoteric reason get the PAP mouth-piece The Straits Times to publish although I do not think that they are so acutely blind that they are not able to see its public interest. It is amazing that that they can be so uncivilised that they do not have the decency to give a decent reply.

It would be appropriate o give a little background to the October Resolution issued by the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) in 1951 which had a dynamic effect in the political development in Singapore. The CPM armed struggle was not going well for the CPM and the CEC met in October 1951 to find a solution to the setback in their armed struggle.After probably a long deliberation they decided that a united front be formed to complement the armed struggle and so a watershed October Resolution was issued to the CPM components to carry out.

Because of the intricacies of the CPM courier system, by the time the October Resolution was implemented in Singapore was end 1953/1954. Overnight numerous  left-wing unions, Chinese School Old Boys' Associations, the Brass Gong Society, the Women's Federation and others sprang up like in the Chinese saying "the sprouting of young bamboo shoots after the rain".The significant point was that out of nowhere emerged a nonentity in the person of Lim Chin Siong who assumed the leadership of the Communist United Front CUF). It would be wrong not to admit that the magnitude of this phenomenon did not alarm the authorities, especially the Special Branch SB)  but SB was resilient enough to recover from the shock and quickly proceed to re-organise to combat the colossal security threat.

That Lim Chin Siong was a CUF leader with eminence and popularity was never in doubt. To show an example of his eminent status, in the early days when he entered the former Happy Wold Stadium where political rallies were regularly held by the CUF he was always greeted with a standing ovation.This was spontaneous and the stadium was fully packed with supporters. Lee Kuan Yew would follow behind with a briefcase in his hand and he would not have missed observing this massive honour given to Lim Chin Siong. In fact this would have been a crucial point in his calculation to advance his political career.

Lee Kuan Yew was a politician without a mass base which would be a great handicap in his political ambition. He had to rely on Lim Chin Siong for political support because of Lim's massive mass base. LKY fully realised that Lim would be a formidable impediment to his political career and any plan in his mind to remove this obstacle in his poltical path could not be too far-fetched.To give an example of his great apprehension of Lim's political prowess over him, he was known to have introduced Lim to his guests as the future prime minister of Singapore. This could have been said in a moment of banter but it could unwittingly reveal a tortured mind.

Notwithstanding all these adverse circumstances against him, LKY seemed to have the divine blessing in his political pursuit.One was the Special Branch and the other could be a person least expected to be a boon to him.  And that saviour was none other than the much-maligned LIm Yew Hock who was the Chief Minister. If given the choice LKY would rather not be beholden to a person he considered an unsavoury politician and an awesome security organ.

Special Banch had the unedifying task of incarcerating Lim Chin Siong and his fellow activists to prevent them from fomenting pro-communist agitation in the political arena in Singapore and this had unwittingly paved the way for Lee Kuan Yew to capture power  in the General Election in 1959 to become the PAP prime minister of Singapore.Special Branch could not have been able to mount the arrests without the signature of Lim Yew Hock. And no one had been able to read his mind to unravel the puzzle as the why he had so blithely put his signature to the detention.

There is a Chinese saying: If a war is successful ten thousand bones would have rotted or decayed.(一仗功成万骨枯)