Friday, October 9, 2009

An Unconscionable Injustice

Occasionally, there can happen to an unsuspecting person an underbelly attack on his reputation from not entirely unexpected quarter.

Quite frankly, I am baffled by the motive of the ebullient authors of the overhyped political book "Men in White" in giving me unflattering mention in it. Whilst it is purported to give an objective history of the PAP struggle I wonder what have I got to do with the intra-party struggle. Anyway, in page 441 of the book the ambitious authors made the following unverified disparaging statement about me under the sub heading "Another Foreign Hand" : "But in 1971, after a police raid on his (Francis Seow's) woman friend's apartment, he used his influence and friendship with the then director of the Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau, Yoong Siew Wah, to have the four officers who had conducted the raid sacked. The attorney-general Tan Boon Teik intervened to reinstate the four officers. Seow was allowed to resign rather than have his actions investigated because of his track record in the Legal Service. Yoong was also asked to quit."

On 28-9-09 I wrote to the Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Press Holdings drawing his attention to this disparaging statement about me and requesting that a correction be made in his newspaper. I explained that the CPIB was duty-bound to investigate all formal complaints. Mr. Francis Seow made a formal complaint and CPIB carried out investigations of the four detectives. The investigation papers were sent to the Deputy Commissioner of Police who made the decision to dismiss the detectives. There was a prima facie case against the detectives. There was no question that I was asked to quit. I was appointed Director of Internal Security Department following my CPIB stint.

My letter was passed to Mr. Richard Lim, one of the three authors of the book. Mr. Lim replied on 1 October that the material for the disparaging statement was taken from a speech made by the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew at the Select Committee Hearing of the Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill which was published in the Straits Times on 10 October 1986 of which a copy was attached.

It did not come as a surprise to me as the then PM Lee Kuan Yew was like a god to some people and the accuracy of his denigration of a person's reputation was invariably taken at its face value. That he made the disparaging statement about me in the heat of the moment without regard to its accuracy in his heated exchange with a cool-headed eloquent Francis Seow at the Select Committee Hearing could not be ruled out. He is not unknown to have behaved erratically with venom in his speech when highly agitated. He was obviously so infuriated by Mr. Francis Seow's biting taunts that it escaped his normally lucid mind that I was not boarded out but appointed Director ISD after my CPIB stint. It was subsequently pointed out to him but humility is not his forte and he has not been known as one to apologise for his mistakes. Mr. Richard Lim, one of the authors, has assured me that he would add a line after the sentence that I was also asked to quit to indicate that I was actually appointed Director ISD after my CPIB stint in his next and future editions of the book in order to be fair to me.

It was reported that the then attorney-general Mr. Tan Boon Teik intervened to have the four detectives reinstated. Very gallant of him. He must have read the CPIB file on the investigations and could not have missed that the dismissal of the four detectives was made by the Deputy Commissioner of Police. How the then PM Lee Kuan Yew was given the impression that I had the four detectives unlawfully dismissed is something I would like to get to the bottom of.

Mr. Francis Seow was the solicitor-general at the time when I was director CPIB. He had overall supervision of CPIB investigation files sent to his department for final direction. That I should have had a cordial relation with Mr. Francis Seow was natural in human relationship development. For the then PM Lee Kuan Yew or for that matter the attorney-general Mr. Tan Booin Teik to give a sinister connotation to such a relationship seemed to raise doubt as to the soundness of the detractors' mind. Why should the affinity between Mr. Francis Seow and me be seen as something unwholesome?

The most decent thing for the Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to do now is to undo the harm he has caused me and to restore my reputation. But will he?


Palmer said...

Thank you for sharing this with the public.

Alan Wan said...

In my own mind, he was spiteful and did a lot of injustices to many other people as well. To these people and their close ones, he must have been a much hated evil man.

There were so many good men locked away for a good number of years and so many others with their lives and careers destroyed for no apparent good reason.

There could only be hell waiting for him.

FeedMeToTheFish said...

Times, they are a-changing!

Thank you so much for the truth that that debunks "Men In White"


teo soh lung said...


Since you write so well, how about you writing about your experience when you were director of ISD? It would be good to clear the names of those detained for decades.

darth said...

The mere fact that you mentioned Francis Seow suggests that you're of his age and LKY's.

Even if you win, you still do not bring anything more to the grave than what you already have right now.

Not worth it...

You were from ISD, you can find out who I am easily. No way I can hide under anonymity.

MIng said...

Dear Mr Yoong,

I have received an email from Francis Seow. It is directed to you. I could not find your email address so I reproduce Seow's email here. Please email me at if you wish to have Mr Seow's email.

Martyn See

* * * * * * *


Thank you for the email. It sets out the facts fairly and accurately. One thing you seemed to have overlooked -- and that is, after the CPIB investigations, I believe the four police officers were the subject of disciplinary proceedings whose recommendations were made to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who then took the disciplinary action(s) alleged.

If my memory serves me right, J.B. Jeyaretnam represented those police officers in the proceedings. And he later made representations to TBT, who used the opportunity to even out old scores. I, however, stray ....

Keep me informed if there are further developments.


Francis Seow.

P.S. What is Willie doing these days?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Yong,

We are from Temasek Review (, an online news site.

Can we conduct an email or face to face interview with you to find out more about what had happened?

We can be conducted at

Unknown said...

I seriously think if Mr.Yoong Siew Wah has had his Honor and Reputation tarnished by the then PM Lee Kuan Yew and now the Old Buddha MM,he should file a Law Suit for Defamation and Libel and ask for Punitive damages and the usual damages and costs of the Litigation.AS he says LKY is not the character that has a reputaion of apology or relenting in his remarks on anything including defamation ! How else can Mr.Yoong Siew Wah get Justice ?

Gerald Heng Sr.Esq
Greater Boston,MA, USA

I reside in Metrowest Framingham,MA.

Seelan Palay said...

Thank you for telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...


Scribe said...

Remember the cartoon about the Iran-Iraq war? The cleaning lady was telling the combatants to turn out the lights when done. You have dirtied your hands while at ISD, you expect sympathy? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

chaichin said...

Hello Mr Yoong,
This is Chai Chin from TODAY newspaper. I'm working on a story on your blog post, and the amendment in Men In White's next edition. Would like to seek more comments from you. May I get your contact details? If so, could you email me at ?
Thank you very much. We hope to run the story for Thursday's (15 Oct) paper.
Chai Chin

salim said...

Dear Mr Yoong,

In my book all ISD and ex-ISD men/women are crooks.

You guys helped to ruin the lives of many fine young men/women like Teo Soh Lung, Chia Thye Poh, and Lim Chin Siong.

May you guys and your future generations be cursed forever.

Sincerely yours

Unknown said...

Am I missing something? Are you really expecting sympathy, Mr Yoong? I thought you were expecting an apology (which I cannot see coming) and the correction of a terminological inexactitude (which you got from Richard Lim). 50% success is pretty good going especially from kiasu Singaporeans.

Unknown said...

Singapore recalcitrant,

while in ISD, did you do anybody wronged when they were actually innocent?

If Chia Thye Poh is really a criminal why was he not send to a court of law?

Unknown said...

Independent Foreign Observers including the Quitters From Singapore by no means a Kiasu or Kiasi lot actually can feel over the years the PAP through its leadership might have GILDED THE Lily in overreaching its application of the Internal Security Detention Powers,case in point___Chia Thye Poh___a reacalcitrant in his denouncement of Communist and they keep harping on his denial and reluctance !

Gerald Heng Sr.Esq

Harish said...

I am hoping that your posts are not done out of regret but in an honest attempt to make sure that the history of this country is recorded correctly with the warts and all. So, thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I have not bought the book yet for I thought (and still think) that it is a disguised PAP-apologistic tome - but I could be wrong.

I am hopeful that more people will put pen to paper and document their experiences of that era.

Unknown said...

Singaporeans and descendants of Singaporeans belong to an Epoch of the dire straits of de East Asian Diaspora Experience and the early Old Guard Leadership gave their best on National Front Solutions to very basic human probelms of Life,Liberty and de Pursuit of Happiness/Joy,in that huge responsibility of an elected representative government,they also inherited the Internal Security Powers of a departed British Government that just didn't accept the Communism and the Communist Sympathizers or its fellow comrades in the Malayan/Singaporean States that saw a post WWII Communist Insurgency that they called Emergency that didn't end till way after the 1960's and recently when Chin Peng a decortaed WWII British Veteran in Malaysia surrendered and recanted his Communist Ideological Loyalty.The ISD was and unfortunately still used to imprison without trial or indictment based on a question of being a "National Security " in those olden days Communism and its leaders and followers were Security Risks,in recent times of Elective Politics,very unfortunately the potential opponents that threaten the politics of the ruling party are arrested and locked in without trail or indictment,its is one of the greatest Constitutional Violation of Human Rights and the Laws of the Courts in any decent Democracy! Its a terribly sad chapter of Singaporen and indeed Malaysian Life because it has happened there as well !There is Fear on both sides of de Straits if the Internal Security powers are abolished that so called Foreign Influences and Supports might dethrone its Ruling Nationalism usually defined by reference to the strong men of the Political Party in Government !May the Change to have the ISA repealed on both sides of de STraits be nigh in a responsible democracy where the Rule of Law and Justice should be a Corner Stone of Nationalim, not a Coercive Instrument of Power without due process of Constitutional Guarantee !It was applied in a modern epoch without a Declaration of A National Emergency !Disgraceful and Dishonorable to a Free People from Imperialism of de British !

Gerald Heng Sr.Esq
Greater Boston,MA,USA
Land of De Free and Home to the Brave !

Unknown said...

Which authority has never overreached, overreacted or overreasoned their actions? Some do it frequently, some infrequently, some as genuine oversight, and some, maybe, to even out old scores. Even in Singapore power corrupts, but thankfully minimally and not absolutely here.

Would Singapore be a different place without the ISA and ISD? For sure, yes. A better place? I very much doubt so, having lived to 72 and seen quite a bit of the world. Our track record is pretty good; could be better, of course, but could easily be much much worse. Just look at the rest of the world! IMHO there could be more checks and measures written into the ISA, but not to the extent that would satisfy the HumanRightist.

bishan born busy body said...

Hi Mr Yoong

good for you to set the record straight but I wonder whether the detainees of ISA will one day (maybe under your directorship) have an equal chance to defend themselves.

You are part of these whole machinery including those state controlled reporters that stifle democracy and eventually brought this old MM to a god like status

I saw your interviews defending ISA and mentioning some notable ISA detainees are not innocent as portrayed and have links with communists and main role of ISA is to rehabilitate them.

- Firstly after so many years these people still denied that they are communist, thus they cant be repentant since they never consider to be one
- Second they claimed they are tortured and forced to make confessions
- third for the many years spent behind bars that ruin the best part of their lives and if they are indeed innocent, isnt that a bigger injustice they faced as compared to yours?

compared to your injustice, i think it is wise in your remaining years to see that they have a fair trial to set the records straight... cos after all communism is no longer a threat and it is high time to see whether your words or their words can stand under scrutiny... after all we do not want to accord anyone a God like status that whatever he says, we have to believe it... basically where are the evidence and due process.

cos I am still very curious about that these detainees had links to communist... is it by "mere association" with say chin peng just as your association with dissident Francis Seow... that therefore they are consider dangerous or is there something more sinister than that... that these detainees are plotting violent overthrow of the govt...?

thank you

Unknown said...

The Bisan Born Busy Body is the type of Singaporeans that existed during the time of the Old Guards PAP of the 1950's and 1960's they were the sensitive Singaporeans that raised doubts and troubling questions about the Lim Yew Hock Labour Front Government and the in adequate Workers Party of the late Ambassador David Marshall,it was no accident that the Old Guards PAP thundered into power,what happened next on the Internal Security Powers is of course subject to various interpretations on the National Security Risks issue. Nowadays I suspect with the rapprochement with the People's Republic of China with good trade relations and people's exchanges,that National Security Risk question has shifted from that Lim Chin Siong genre to a different country like being a Foreign Agent ot Asset of the USA !Again its no accident that the Old Buddha MM Lee Kuan Yew and Companion of Honour to the Queen Regina,spoke of Lim Chin Siong at his Funeral wake as a worthy opponent of the PAP,after he broke with PAP and formed the Barisan National Socialis in my opinion,the Barisan Socialis never had anything beyond the Nation of Singapore like International Socialism,aye they were even against Merger with Malaya !Singaporeans never doubted that it was the PAP that brought them all together from the brink of the third world to the first world class Economy that it is today. The Troublesome Question is Can the Ruling Party think nationally and allow for Repeal of the Internal Security Powers ?It isn't very just or balanced or equitably fair to [1] Arrest Detain [2 ] without an Indictment or Charge [3] Also not provided with Legal Counsel for such arrest and detention [4] and what is worse is the reverse of the normal presumption of innocence rule of civilised DEmocracies,here an arrest and lock in presumes your are Guilty of being a National Security Risk by the powerful police of the State ruled by a single political party that has sway for over 40+ years![5] No Singaporeans ever felt that the Police are independent agency of the Nation!

I hope the commentators will put their full namess to your opinions,there should be nothing to fear than fear itself !I seriously doubt whether LIm Chin Siong or Francis O Seow had any serious intentions or plans to overthrow by violence the Singapore Government in power that's duly elected!Why else would the Old Buddha MM Lee spoke of Lim Chin Siong in such fondly terms as a worthy opponent and comrade while he was in the PAP and was brought in to see the then first Chief Minister David Marshall of Singapore ?

Gerald Heng Sr.
Greater Boston, MA.USA
Land of de Free and Home to the Brave.We file law Suits if the State or nation of 50 states wronged us !

Kala said...


Regarding incarceration or internment of those with alleged communist ideology in those days baffles me to this date. I was not born when these acts were carried out by ISD.

But what I observe now is the MM singing the praise of the communist, Communist China that is. MM says that this the way to go - one party rule. Inference is that communism is the way to go about achieving economic growth.

Therefore, should not MM apologize to all those whose lives was wasted away behind bars for almost all their lives for an allegation which MM did not choose to prove in any court of law. Being a lawyer, he should have the ethical and moral conscience.

Its a shame that all these will always leave the indelible black marks in his otherwise illustratious life.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Kala of Singapore has made a very valid criticism of MM the Old Buddha,I think a lot of us who were around during the times of PAP Old Guards,including MM and the present President S R Nathan remember a strong play for Malaysia/Spore Merger Votes on anti-communism and the anti-Lim Chin Siong Team of Barisan Socialis calling partnership with them is like an invitation to sleep with the Tiger !I suspect now with the Re-Emergence of China as a strong Economic and Military Power the Old Buddha MM has no choice but play the Diplomacy Game
for hearts,minds and souls of young Singaporeans who weren't around at birth or old enough to know the Anti-Communist Politics that endeared MM and the Old Guards PAP to the British that granted Merdeka !!!!One of MM Old Buddha's principle for the Survival of Singapore is that it must change with the times,perhaps this is de China's Century after 3centuries of being down-trodden !Singapore is too small at about 4 million people to be otherwise !

Gerald Heng Sr.
Greater Boston,MA,USA

Anonymous said...

Being part of the system and enjoying it till your retirement speaks volumes of your sincerity.JBJ was part of the system,left and stood by his principals right or wrong paying the full price till his death

Anonymous said...

The China of today or after the reforms of Deng is totally different from Moa's.
I believe LKY's anti communist stand was than justifiable because I was present during that period of riots and demonstration before we join Malaysia.China then was a country shouting slogans in grey with little RED BOOKS of Moa's thoughts which brought nothing but agony and ruin to its people.I for one (65years) would not like to live through that period again including the race riots of 64 before we left Malaysia to be a little RED DOT in a SEA of GREEN today.Whatever history may write about LKY,he brought this little RED DOT and its people,the good the bad and the ugly to a level others envy and talk about.

Unknown said...

There is an ancient saying wise and true, " A time to sow A time to harvest, A Time to Rule and a Time To Let Go ! " The Distinguished and Great Lady Dowager Mrs. Lee Kuan-Yew Madam Kaw Geok Choo is now on Life Support at Tan Tock Seng Hospital Singapore, almost Brain Dead. Therefore for the Good of Singaporeans MM Lee Kuan-Yew should just retire and leave the Reins of Helmsman Singapore to the young PAP stalwarts that came after him,his Foundation Blue Prints at Sri Temasek is exceptionally secured and towering indeed.Surely Singaporeans today must decide where else to take Singapore in the 21st.Century ! Sing Chia Po Men Chu Chi Lai Chien Chin Ya! Like they say during Christmas Tyme how can young Fir Trees of Christmas Lights grow tall and large,if the Older Fir Trees aren't brought down for the Urban Jungle's Lightings of 2009 and beyond !

Gerald C W Heng Sr.
Greater Boston,MA,USA
I reside as:
Quitter & Squatter since 1963
Here in Metrowest Framingham,MA,USA

Anonymous said...

Having uprooted yourself in 63 and i am sure very well assimilated in the U S of A but having thoughts about your roots puzzle me.1. Why the keen interest and comments in a country you left when it was at its most precarious stage.2.You were never a contributor in any small way to our present success unlike Devan Nair,Francis Seow and others who stayed and contributed in whatever ways but left owing to reasons personal or otherwise.3.What or who gives you the right besides the fact that you were once a Singaporean upped and left when you were needed most to comment on how Singapore is to be govern.

Peter Liu (ex Malayan now Singaporean and no sycophant of LKY or PAP)

Unknown said...

I owe no apologies for my leaving Singapore/Malaysia[then a Merger Place] I owe no apologies for my current Opinions about Singapore and Governing Singaporeans,I have family members, relatives and Singaporean and Malaysian Friends in that region who still believe in Merger.I have met Devan Nair when he was MP for Bungsar Kuala Ada Lumpur and Francis O Seow here and frankly I don't think they have had better rights than I to say what I want or associate with who I want___Freedoms of Speech,Writing, Assembly, Association and of religion are fundamental rights of all people in Civilised Democracies of political discourse of the issues!
Who says you got to be living within the territorial boundaries of Singapore to speak write or associate with Singapore and Singaporean issues of public interest !Nobody is going to stop me saying God Save the Queen or Down With Her Unjust Majesty !!!!Has Singapore acquired special International Immunity from intra and extra territorial opinions and commentaries ?

Gerald Heng Sr.
Greater Boston, MA, USA
I reside in Metrowest Framingham,MA,USA

Unknown said...

Peter why are you on such a high horse today ? I have as much rights as Francis O Seow or Devan Nair or any body else in Singapore to say what I think is materially good for Singapore as an Opinion,I have family members , relatives and many friends in Singapore/Malaysia who I have known for over 50 years since Mr.Lee Kuan Yew took over Singapore as Chief Helmsman in 1959Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association are Rights that I cherish ! I don't owe you or anybody any apologies for my Comments I value my family members,relatives and my Singaporean Friends!I would be remissed in my care and concern if I shut up and say nothing !~I have met Francis O Seow and Devan Nair in my time I don't for a moment think that they have higher rights than me !Who says you have a better right to speak or write if you only live within the Territory of Syonan Toh__Singapore ????

GCW Heng Sr.
Metrowest Framingham,MA,USA.

Anonymous said...

Your unsavoury reply was not unexpected and I wish you well in your land of the free and your home of the brave thanks but no thanks.FYI I was associated with Devan in a small way during my union days and I have the greatest respect for him.As for Francis I read and am aware of his contributions as solicitor general.As for you, I suppose you can answer that for yourself coming from the land of free "speech"

Unknown said...

Peter Keep your Union Happy Wealthy and Wise, I am sure Devan Nair in his Heavenly Father's Realm will bless you no end !By the way Free Speech and Freedom of the Media do not require any reply or response if at all to be savoury,even de Parliamentary Democratic Process don't require it as a Rule,how else can deliberation and discourse be robust,and without prior restraints.As an Example why not you listen and or read the House of Commons at Westminster debate and deliberate !

GCW Heng Sr.
Land of the Free & Home to the Brave where there is no International Immunity to Opinions and Free Speech and Media.Its the Food that feeds and excites the Mind,Heart and Soul !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true from a man who is sitting in the comfort of the land of the free while our very survival and freedom depends on ourselves.Should we and that means us the people not only the Govt. or PAP fail to survive where our drinking water has to be recycled and no space to "tanah ubi" where do we go to???back to Malaysia on their terms when we left or were booted out to better ourselves,GET REAL MAN.Unlike your land of the free we do not have 52 states to run to for survival.All we have is Woodlands in the north,Pasir Panjang in the south,distance 14 miles and Jurong in the west and Changi to the east total 26 miles.

Unknown said...

Peter my friend Stay and Fight at least you won't be thrown out of a Police Cell fifteen floors up in Kuala Ada Lumpur,Malaysia.

There are many decent and morally upright people in Singapore.This land of the Free and Home to the Braves took over 300 years to get where it is today,there were plenty of Civil Rights Fights that were won only some 40 years ago when Singapore was newly independent !

Life is good in Singapore if you are prepared to work hard and share your ideas and idealism with kindred fellows, indeed that was how the Old Guards PAP started out on their manifesto.They must adhere to their Mission and respect the People who have sustained them so long !

Good Luck,You are very Blessed to be a Singaporean !The Non-Malays in Malaysia fully hope and wish they are Singaporeans today had it not been the Merger failure__an Anguishing Tearful Moment to many !

GCW Heng Sr.
Greater Boston,MA,USA

Unknown said...

As for Singapore Water Problem and its related troubling matters the Johore Waterworks has always been a military strategic prize, the Japs used it to make the British in Singapore surrender during the last WWII.

If the Negotiations get to be too unreasonable and extortionate, a Pre=Emptive War to secure the Johore Waterworks is a possibility but let's hope it won't come to that !You just got to understand this when you see the Israelis constantly make pre-emptive defensive wars along the Palestinian Borders as a National Security matter, so is the use of water as the thrump card !
We hope there is a way to buy the Waterworks as Supply permanently.Desalination is also a big possibility !That's why a Re-Merger would make a lot of sense,it will solve the Water Shortage Problem and other Non-Malay issues where currently there is a Ketuanan Melayu Blue Print that isn't finished,the Orginal Documents of Malaysia Indepedence didn't make Ketuanan Melayu a permanent factor of Governance in Malaysia !It was also the rationale why they booted out LKY and Spore,he was offered the UN Ambassador for him to leave Singapore as a condition of Merger remaining as it was.He refused @and the rest is the historic Rise and Rice of Singaporeans from de third to de first !The best Days for Singapore are yet to come as long as the people don't lose faith and Hope !

GCW Heng Sr.
Greater Boston,MA USA.

Anonymous said...

At the autumn of my life and having crawl out of a rathole in Kemamman Trengganu to live a decent life in Singapore I am eternally grateful and proud to be called a Singaporean today.Had merger been a success or a re-merger on the cards if not for an "ass...e"(pardon the uncouth adj.) name Mahathir a Malaysian Malaysia would be a blessing for all of us.Thanks for reminding me of Mr Theoh poor soul but than that is only the tip of the iceberg,Singapore's tight fisted rule is a walk in the park as compared to what's happening across the causeway.An old saying, "If there is nothing good to say,its best not said"Take care Gerry and I wish you well in your Land of the Free.

Unknown said...

Peter my friend, Singapore is not only a stroll and a romp in the Park,you have eternal Summer modified as necessary by air-conditioning and no Winter follows your Autumn Years,isn't that something ? Further Singapore is the medical and financial Mecca-Medinah of East Asia like Hong Kong made into a huge Metropolis by the Diasporic talents of East Asia with European Cultural Sophistication what else can a human being ask for having seen the last two World Wars and the Rapacious Cruelties meted out to ordinary Chinese Folks at the Japanese Rapes and Tortures of Nanjing,China and a Horrid Holocaust in Europe ? so Singaporeans are really blessed from de third to the first Economic Power House City State within 40 + years is spectacular in the Chronicles of the United Nations, Singapore isn't just a member nation of the world forum for debates,its a Developed Nation with its early UN Assistance.How many nations newly independent in the 1960's is Singapore today ?The Japs Occupiers of WWII were right to name Singapore as Syonan Toh, de Island that's de Light of the South its a Light to a World of Nations yearning and hoping to reach Freedom and Bravely Confront the Challenges of the new Changing World !Kita Semua Seronok Maju-Lah Singapura Merdeka Berjaya Nasib Manusia !Selamat Tinggal Aman dan Seronok Tohan Berhujan Emas Di-Sri Temasek !

Gerald Heng Sr.
Greater Boston,MA,USA.

Trengannu has beautiful sandy beaches that rival the ones in Bermuda, a British Navy Outpost now independent.

Anonymous said...

We sound like two old relics from the past in a blog created by another(pardon the pun).Had Malaysia been a success with Singapore in its fold that rat-hole in Trengganu would be like most of Malaysia a PARADISE for all MALAYSIANS.That,sad to say is beyond our lifetime unless the wind of change blowing with the new coalition PAK/RAK succeeding with DAP leading the charge for a true Malaysian Malaysia platform according to the constitution of Malaysia 153: where all Malaysians are "suppose" to be equal.

Unknown said...

Peter Lze-Tze in this day and age looking at Syonan-Toh we all realse we must listen to the Golden Oldies of Singapore and Malaysia.The Merger then was a golden oldie concept of the failed Malayan Union of McMichael British High Commissioner,subsequently the non-Malay Parties like PAP of LKY, UDP of Dr.Lim Chong EU MD and the People's Progressive Party of the Ipoh Seenivasagam Brothers and some Sabah and Sarawak parties formed a Malaysian Solidarity Convention of Malaysia for Malaysians which in the main was an attempt to separate the MCA-MIC partnership from UMNO the Ketuanan Melayu Vehicle for the Primacy of the Malays headed by Tun Abdul Razak and subsequently by Dr.Mahathir Mohamed,with the Tiga Kali Talak of Singapore and LKY from Malaysia,that Solidarity Convention died a pre-mature death by the parang panjang of Tun Razak and his Ultras like Syed Ja'afar Albar who claimed Arabian lineage ascendancy in Muslim Malaysia !DAP in Malaysia was Devan Nair's baby and subsequently Lim Kit Siong's.Dr.Lim Chong Eu MD who I met again in Georgetown,Penang some time ago during my visit was as he said very unhappy when Merger broke up,he was Chief Minister of Penang and today he is a Golden Oldie that has wisdom to the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng,Lim Kit Siong's Scion.According to him Merger to the opponents were like being wrapped around the Sarong of Tengku Abdul Rahman.With the un-wrapping it was worse,the non-Malays never can Sarong with Tun Razak and his Ultras!And who is the PM Najib Tun Razak today ?He is pretty much his Old Man !And why is the Seat of government in Kuala Ada Lumpur known as Putra-Jaya ? wasn't it built by the taxes and monies of the Ra'ayat shouldn't it be known as Ra'ayat Jaya ? I suspect it was named that way as another spite at the Malayan Union Proposition of 1948.

With almost 50 years of Merdeka what is the Per Capita Income of Malaysia and what Reserves does it have after all those rapacious activities of political cronyism ?????
by the way Age is only a State of the Mind,if your body organs are all working 100 years old is going to be de rule on Life Expectancy !

Gerald Heng Sr.
Greater Boston,MA,USA.

Anonymous said...

Gerry dage,Winter is fast approaching and modern science with discipline may allow us 100years of good life,"Let's keep our hearts open to 'DREAMS'.For as long as there's a dream,there is 'HOPE',and as long as there is hope,there is joy in living".
Memories of Tunku and Dr.Lim are treasures for most oldie Malaysians and Singaporeans.The redtapes/jams/frustrations at the causeway is a nightmare for the people/rakyat where it was once a breeze.Lets DREAM & HOPE, and who knows when politicians on both sides of the causeway come to their senses or the people/rakyat decide otherwise we may find Paradise within reach in our lifetime.

Unknown said...

Peter Lau-Tze AMEN ! May Amazing Grace and Love of your Community be with you in this Thanks-Giving Season ! We must believe that Politicians who practise the Art and Heart of the Possible are genuine or else The Hope and Dream of a Brighter Better To-Morrow shall never be Nigh !

Gerry Heng-Tuah,Boston,MA,USA

Anonymous said...

Gerry dage,May Peace,Love & Joy be with all our communities and most of all the WORLD wherever it is most needed.Let there be no HATE & INJUSTICE but HOPE in this only WORLD of ours as there is no OTHER.Should cynics disagree than John Lennon's "IMAGINE" should suffice.

Unknown said...


Alamak Dato bersuchita John Lennon "Imagine " kah ? Tak Mimpi Yoko Kanai ?

Gerry Heng

Anonymous said...


Mimpih tidak salah lebih penting Aman dan Suchi.

Once again,take care and should you ever drop by Singapore let me buy a cup of White coffee or Kopi O.

Unknown said...

Terima Kaseh Dato Peter [ Lau-Tze]
JIka Saya nak berlawat Singapura Lagi Saya berlanyar anda Hylam Nasi Ayam dan Kopi O Cream atau tak cream pun boleh !

Orang Tua yang mendaki lagi mesti mahu tidor lama dan berchuti sedap !

Happy Days are there again and will be as long as we respect the Ruku Negara of the Golden Oldies, which I am sure should be a constant aide-memoirs libre to us all young the not so old and old!May your Descendants Bring you Joy blessings & grace !

Gerry Heng Sr.
Metrowest Framingham,MA,USA

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Our generation i.e.yours being winter and mine autumn are Golden oldies the younger generation will find difficult to swallow whenever we dispense history and reminisce.Before we are called boring old dinosaurs Gerry,please leave me your email for future healthy rational conversation and I will definitely take you on for the Chicken rice and kopi O." Merry Christmas " if you are Christian or Happy Holidays if not.All my best wishes from the land of 14miles X 26miles to you and your family after all we were all once Malaysians.

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Dato Peter Liu,

Good to know you are a Golden Oldie nothing wrong with that,in Britain The Golden Oldie retired MP get House of Lords Life Time appoitnments on a per diem pay of about S40-00 per day,drinks and Meals on the House with Library and Reading Places. We hope the Singapore Government will make Local Library and Reading Rooms for the Housing HDB buildings !!!!

Gerald Heng Sr.
My Email is :
Phone [508] 872-1380 you can leave message if I am otherwise engaged.

I have a Network of Email Companions in Singapore/Malaysia/Canada and the UK,linked by ties of sanguinity of blood and friendship ties to the areas mentioned !

yuen said...

>a prima facie case against the detectives

your article does not say what offense they were deemed to have committed, but in an interview with Temasek Review you said they took an expensive coat belonging to Francis Seow from the woman friend's apartment

now why did they do this? surely not because they want to wear it? I would not expect other people's coats, expensive or not, to fit me; so I assume the detectives took it for the purpose of using it as evidence in some way, and the prima facie case was that they exceeded their order in doing so, whereas the decision to reinstate means the AG thought they were within their brief

I think it is necessary to provide such details, since other people's repuation is at stake too

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Correct answer!!!!