Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Subtlety of Gutter Politics

Politics in many countries in the world where elections are held every four or five years to determine which political party should form the government of the day has one thing in common. The incumbent government will try everthing in its power to ensure its return to power in the election. So in the period before the election, the government can be seen to be offering sweeteners to potential electors in order to win their votes.

For instance in Singapore, reasonably-priced HDB flats are being built to deflect the ruffled feelings of potential flat-buying citizens who were intimdated by the frenzy of the overheated HDB flat market in terms of prices and availability. Another inducement is the upgrading of aging HDB flats both in the PAP constituencies and opposition wards. Currently, there is talk of the restoration of the employers' cut of the CPF to the workers. To complete the destruction of the opposition hope of ever coming close to capturing any PAP seats, whether single ward or GRC, will be the inevitable gerrymandering of electorial boundaries which will indicate how soon the General Election will take place. For the PAP it will be a case of head I win and tail you lose.

In spite of all these vote-catching preparations, it cannot be said that the PAP is not worried about the ground situation which is favourable to the opposition and is likely to improve with the approach of the General Election. The internet is full of exhortations to Singapore electors, especially the young voters, not to vote the PAP. The mainstream media is not overly friendly to the oppositiion but it can be assured of robust support from the new media, especially the redoubtable netizens.

Discomfited PAP leaders are scrambling to salvage the situation and to try to find a plan to break the spirit and solidarity of the opposition. Is it a co-incidence that a former president of the Reform Party chose this moment to pick up a quarrel with the secretary-general of the party Kenneth Jeyaretnam to present a sombre picture of disunity within the party? This is exactly what the PAP leaders hope to see happen to the opposition. Is this an act of providence to strengthen the hand of the PAP? Reform Party is the best bet to capture the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC in combination with the Singapore Democratic Alliance. Is there going to be a domino effect on the opposition whether by providence or otherwise thereby snuffing out opposition chances in the General Election?

Whether by providence or not, the opposition, especially Kenneth Jeyaretnam, should tighten up their security to ensure that no mercenary is infiltrated into their parties to cause disunity. It is still not too late to do that now. There is a Chinese saying: To repair the pen after the sheep have escaped is not too late. (wang yang bu lao, wei wei wan yi)
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TracyTan said...

You said:" The incumbent government will try everthing in its power to ensure its return to power in the election."

That's very true of the PAP. The PAP wants to win at all costs, legitimately or illegitimately.

I hope that the Alternative Parties can recruit enough candidates and contest in AMK, Marine Parade and Tanjong Pagar GRCs.

The PAP will then get a true picture of the support it gets when voters are giving a chance to vote without fear

TracyTan said...
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Koh said...

MM has often said "The incumbent Govt will not made it easier for the Opposition Parties" So they must get themselves organised:

1) Nurture a core group of activists;
2) Set a Back-room group researches, intectuals, what have you to study & counter every argument that is presented;
3)Try to capture the imagination, passion, gut-feelings of the issues relevant to the electorate.
4) Study & learn Obama's tactics in the use of new media, etc.

TracyTan said...

Not making it easier doesnt mean it can use dirty and unfair tactics to hinder the Opposition.

A govt that employs dirty and unfair tactics is unworthy of the people

Singapore Recalcitrant said...

If Briix is reading this, please go to your comment on my earlier article where I have given you a reply, though belatedly.

Gary said...

That former president of the Reform Party is obviously a plant by the ruling party.

LKY is really afraid of the influence of JBJ. Some months back in the TOL website two of its members went out of their way to pick a verbal fight with JBJ's son Kenneth over an extremely small issue. The 'critique' made by the two was really astonishing. So there are really lots of lky moles and plants all over the place. They will reveal themselves at pyschologically important moments to the opposition to deal their body blows.

Collin Ng said...

To casually mention 'so and so' is a mole planted by LKY, does that mean you have real evidence to show there is mole here, mole there? Hope you are not assuming things just because election is looming around. I am no LKY mole, rest assured.

none said...

He's not talking about you, STUPID!