Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is MM Lee's Induced Correction Sincere?

It seems an eternity for the hubristic MM Kee Kuan Yew to come out with a long-awaited and probably much-induced statement to say that "he stands corrected" vis-a-vis his disparaging remarks about the Malay-Muslims, but without an apology. It begs the question whether he is sincere in his pretentious utterance or that he is not convinced that he had erred in his disparaging remarks. There can be no question that he has shown humility as it is not in the character of this arrogant man to show humility. Madam Halimah Yacob can be excused for showing effusive response to MM Lee's utterance because she belongs to the PAP hierarchy and could not afford to dissent, much less to disparage. The chairman of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) merely welcomed the news with the qualification that this retraction was necessary since the community had prior to this not heard from MM even after the clarification made by PM.

There is however no reaction from the Malay ground. Either the MSM has considered it prudent not to highlight any unfavourable reaction from the Malay ground or the Malay ground reserves making any reaction prominent for the time being. There are good reasons for it to remain silent. There is an appropriate Chinese saying for this reaction: Dare to be angry but dare not speak out. (敢怒而不敢言). They may be biding their time till election day.

What do Singaporeans think of the sincerity 0f MM Lee in his statement:"I stand corrected"? Any rational person will wonder why it has taken this demigod so long to show his remorse on a matter of racial denigration of the Maly-Muslims of his own making. The Prime Minister (MM Lee's son) spelt out the Government's views on the matter on January 30. More than a month has elapsed since and MM Lee could not have suffered a mental thrombosis in the meantime not to realise that it is essential in order to show sincerity he has to be prompt in his remorsefulness. Any delay, not to mention such inordinate delay in his case, will render his sincerity a suspect. Therefore, what Singaporeans think of the sincerity of MM Lee on this matter can no longer be a mystery but whether they want to be vocal about it is another matter.

As explained earlier, the Malay ground on MM Lee's sincerity is latent but the AMP's reaction could give an indication of the Malay ground feelings. The opposition parties can bear this in mind in their hustings in the coming General Election. Workers' Party cannot easily forget that it was the Malay vote that tilted the balance against it in the Aljunied GRC in the last general election thus depriving it of a signal victory. So opposition parties ignore the Malay vote at their peril and the Malay ground may be just right for them to win over provided they work diligently and sincerely to convince them. So far opposition parties have not shown complete unity in their distribution of constituencies to be contested and they could be defeated even before they could make the first step if they do not consolidate their position.


sgcynic said...

Come on, LKY is a lawyer. he knows how to make "retractions" without admitting liability. Just like and surpassing Wong Kan Seng who was sorry "that it happened".

teo said...

Some people erroneously think it's an apology. The whole episode underscores the importance of political freedoms. Everyone, from the cabinet, MPs and the subservient media never tire of praising the Emperor's clothes.

soojenn said...

I am baffled that you think that MM should make an apology for this advise to the Malay community to integrate more with the community.. if they don't agree, just ignore it, why cook a fuss over it, and why is an apology needed?

See Redbean' differing view on this at link -

Singapore Recalcitrant said...

In reply to Local Idiot's comment in Temesak Review, I agree with him that MM Lee Kuan Yew should not be above the law, but ISD just has not the authority to invite him for coffee.

Sya said...

Do you know where I can get his full statement online? The news articles only reproduce a few paragraphs.

Sya said...

Do you know where I can get his full statement online? The news articles only reproduce a few paragraphs.

Faris Abdat said...

This is my response to LKY’s statements about Islam and Muslims in his book ” Lee Kuan Yew : Some Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going ”


This response was sent as an Open Letter via email to LKY, Members of Parliament, other individuals in the Singapore Government & members of the Singaporean Muslim community.

Until now, there is no official reply to this official letter. Apparently, MM Lee doesn't feel the need to respond.