Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Beleaguered Tin Pei Ling

Why is this PAP cinderella Tin Pei Ling, and not other new prospective PAP candidates, being singled out for profuse criticisms by netizens is not entirely without logic. Her young age may be one factor indicating that she has just been weaned from suckling and lacks any political or worst still any humanitarian experience. But above all, it is her opulent lifestyle and rather highfalutin character that irk the netizens. It must have cost a bomb for her to celebrate her birthday at an upscale restaurant in Japan which could have been just one of her regular expensive feasts. Not only netizens but ordinary voters will wonder how a young hubristic woman with such expensive taste and politically inexperienced could pretend to know the hardships of ordinary people and much less to serve them.

She is married to the private secretary to the Prime Minister and this the netizens consider, rightly or wrongly, to be an important factor in Tim Pei Ling being chosen as a new candidate in the coming General Election. With such an uproar over her candidature, it will be a surprise if she could win if she were to contest in an SMC. So the latest PAP stunt is to put her as a candidate in Marine Parade GRC under the stewardship of SM Goh Chok Tong to ensure her election as an MP. But SM Goh is likely to have taken account that Tin Pei Ling is unlikely to be a vote-getting team member in his GRC. If anything, she will only bring down the percentage of votes that SM Goh's team is likely to get in the election.

That the PAP wallahs have come out in open support of Tin Pei Ling in face of widespread criticisms by netizens is something to be expected. They cannot be seen to chicken out at this stage as they have their reputation to consider. Tin is probably selected after an extensive process of selection and they could not afford to be seen to be abandoning her just because of netizens' criticisms. That would show them up to be fragile in succumbing to pressure. They go one step further in criticising the new media for making uncalled for attacks on Tin. The MSM Lianhi Zaobao devoted its editorial on 2-4-11 under the title:"Say no to smearing black politics" (向抹黑政治说不) joining in the Government's criticisms of netizens' attack on Tin. In spite of all the government's support of Tin, there is an approp0riate Chinese saying: "Empty cave comes the wind, its coming is natural" (空穴来风,其来有自)。Ir really means there is no smoke without fire.

Tin Pei Ling makes history in that this is the first time a new PAP receives such widespread adverse reception even before the hustings begin. It is left to be seen if she can transcend her bruised image if she is elected and show her detractors that she is made of sterner stuff than what they make her out to be. Not only the netizens but the whole of Singapore will be watching Tin Pei Ling's performance with highly critical eyes.


sgcynic said...

I like the reason put forth by Mr Wang Says So:

Gary said...

One fails to see why any quarters should be given when we know extremely well that the ruling party has NEVER engaged the opposition in a fair manner.

What easily comes to mind is how Chee Soon Juan has been prevented from taking part in the coming GE by how the AG has chosen to time those civil disobedience petty charges against him and others from his party.

On top of that who are we kidding that we should exercise grace towards someone simply because she is a 'cute' girl. The pap has indulged in merciless political character assassination of opponents in past GE - think about the treatment given to Chee, Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow, JBJ etc. We must have the memory of an elephant. Chinese saying, you repay your debts according to what you received. Now it is crying father, crying mother when they gets a taste of their own medicine. You behave as a gentleman only when you have been treated as one. The ruling party do not deserved any noblesse oblige treatment simply because it has not been treating others in the same way. You reap what you sow. It is as straightforward as that.

Coming back to Tin, if she enters parliament she would be depriving Singaporeans of a voice that would be speaking on their behalf. With that at stake, it would be a terrible weakness to hold back and not strike when the iron is hot. You imperil your own cause if you soften your stand simply because she is a woman. Take this extreme example to make the point clear: If you are soldiers guarding a key installation. A girl approaches with high explosive strapped on her body. Do you shoot the suicide bomber or do you let her blast you and the installation to smithereens? The option is obvious and clear, isn't it?

soojenn said...

"It is left to be seen if she can transcend her bruised image if she is elected and show her detractors that she is made of sterner stuff than what they make her out to be. Not only the netizens but the whole of Singapore will be watching Tin Pei Ling's performance with with highly critical eyes."

So far, how she has performed is pathethic..
- stomping her foot and not know what to say?
- no strong views on any of the policies?
- government is not reponsible for the income gap?
- we have been doing good so far?

If she has metttle, instead of being traumatised? she should be handling her own indiscretions made public because she did not think it was an issue to publish it on a public social media, instead of having the a SM, the likes of Lui to defend her a flower blooming late in winter? what crap?

She is a disgrace to the woman in Singapore, and GCT calss her a role model? really incredulous.

"You imperil your own cause if you soften your stand simply because she is a woman."

We do not need an immature, feet stomping woman, who does not know what to say, have no strong views of any of the policies to get into parliament on the coat tails of a SM, as depriving Singaporeans a real voice in parliament.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how a person's socio-economic background deter him from being a MP. Is it wrong for a woman to splurge her hard-earned money on a fanciful dinner? Remember, she is doing this in her private capacity before she runs for election.

I know we expect all our MP to come from humble background, to lie spartanly like a monk/nun but here now in Singapore? Very unlikely. By all means criticise her for her lack of knowledge on policies but don't turn it personal.

11Y1D said...

Colony said...

I cant believe she wont withdraw from ELECTION. This is crazy.

There is no redemption other than getting in and again destroy goodwill.

Recruit Ong said...

she can't withdraw simply bcos she is a puppet... the party elders wont allow it bcos it will make PAP lose face, and face is everything to the pap, hahahaha!

Bobbytan said...

She is a millstone around GCT GRC's neck.....and may even cause him to retire prematurely from his $6million job as SM....

Wendi said...

See how unpopular this gal is from page link below:

or just seach for I do not want Tin Pei Ling in Parliament on facebook!