Friday, June 26, 2015

What does the unconscionable PM Lee think he is doing to Amos Yee?

What Madam Mary Toh, the mother of Amos Yee, has revealed about the inhuman treatment of his son in the Institute of Health (IMH) is shocking.

Amos Yee is diagnosed by a psychiatrist as suffering from "autism spectrum disorder" and is being remanded at the IMH for psychiatric observation as to whether he is suitable for mandatory psychiatric treatment which will be for two years. Amos Yee's medical condition is autism and not derangement and it is insanity on the part of the authorities to put this vulnerable teenager in a block together with adult patients suffering from derangement.

What kind of compunction does PM Lee need before he could realise that he is ruining the life of an upcoming teenager because he had described his father, the late Lee Kuan Yew, as a "horrible man" in his video. Is that such a capital crime that PM Lee could only be appeased with the destruction of this otherwise innocent teenager? Since his arrest Amos Yee has been put through enormous inhuman treatment such as being hand-cuffed and having his legs shackled when he was brought before the court. Now he is confined with insane persons and put in a bare cell with only a urinal and a mattress. The light in his cell is kept on 24 hours everyday no doubt with the evil intention of depriving him of any sleep with the hope that this will cause him derangement.

The one million dollar question is when will the unconscionable PM Lee wake up from his vindictiveness and call a stop to the inhuman treatment of the victimised Amos Yee?  Amos Yee's atrocity has attracted world-wide attention and even the august United Nations Human Rights Commission has joined in the call for the Singapore Government to exercise humanity and conscience in dealing with Amos Yee. The irony is that what Amos Yee is guilty of is a minor infraction of disparaging the Christians (which surprisingly no Christian of any standing has openly shown being offended) and the circulation of an obscene imagery which is derogatory of Lee Kuan Yew, but this is being transformed into a comic opera of a serious crime almost in proportion to a murder.

PM Lee surely could not be so daft and devoid of common sense as to victimise an unfortunate teenager first to satisfy his hurt feeling and to win over a minority of Singaporeans who might be unsympathetic to Amos Yee. But PM Lee can only be unresponsive to world opinion and to the massive criticisms of Singaporeans shocked by the atrocious treatment of Amos Yee at his peril.


oldhorse42 said...

What peril. He can still win the next election and continue to be the next PM!

patriot said...

It is a shame for a head of state holding the Highest Office in the Land to sue commoner citizens.

There has been no precedent.


informant said...

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