Friday, April 15, 2016

Last dance for TR Emeritus?

TR Emeritus website has since its inception been doing an exceptionally great service to Singaporeans with its cogent comprehensive coverage of political events affecting the future of Singaporeans, especially those who are not entirely convinced of the sincerity of the PAP Government in its often professed service to the people, which is more often than not sounded hollow. The main stream media, especially the Straits Times, is a PAP propaganda organ and only disseminates news in praise of the PAP Government and its ministers, especially the Prime Minister and TRE serves an important alternative role in exposing the failings of the PAP Government and its ministers whenever they occur so that Singaporeans can have a more balanced picture of the political situation.There are other websites doing similar service but TRE has proved to be more penetrating and edifying as can be seen by its more wider readership. Discerning Singaporeans are so used to TRE's scintillating presentations that it would be an unthinkable and disastrous event if any cessation of its publication is to occur.

TRE needs considerable finance to administer its sizeable website and it had in the past managed with some difficulty with revenue from its advertisements. But this has depleted with the result that the website is hardpressed in finding sufficient finance to administer it.The editor and staff of the website are all working on a voluntary basis and it would be invidious to expect them to finance it out of their own pockets. As a last resort its editor has published an appeal for donations under the heading :Last dance for TR Emeritus?

The TRE is no doubt facing financial hardship for the editor to publicly appeal for donations. It cannot be gainsaid that TRE is doing an indispensible and great service to Singaporeans by providing an important alternative channel to the intricacies of political events happening in Singapore. There will be a political vacuum which will be keenly felt if TRE suddenly ceases to publish. There will unlikely be a website of such political dynamism to fill the vacuum. We have proved that we are not wanting in making donations to a worthy cause and saving TRE from going out of existence is indeed a worthy endeavour which will do the donor proud. It is hoped that generous Singaporeans will respond kindly to this appeal and donate generously to the TRE fund. Please view the TRE article Last dance for TR Emeritus? on how to donate. They need $20,000 in order to pull through. Your generous donations will go down well in history.

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