Saturday, April 1, 2017

The conundrum of the Elected Presidency

Singaporeans are so inured to the sophistry of the PAP demagogues that they now take it in their stride for its face value.When the whole of Singapore had not the slightest doubt that the establishment of the Constitutional Commission on the Elected Presidency was a political scheme of the PAP wallahs to prevent Dr. Tan Cheng Bock from contesting the EP, PAP leaders, especially PM Lee Hsien Loong, could be so tongue-in-cheek to try to convince the public that it was not aimed at Dr. Tan but was for some obscure altruistic reasons. Dr. Tan has for some unknown reason hitherto been reticent on this point but for some very good reasons now openly said in a press conference "that out elected presidency will always be tainted with the suspicion that the reserved election of 2017 was introduced to prevent my candidacy."

Quite significantly,Dr. Tan has questioned the PAP Government's decision to include the term of the late former president Wee Kim Wee in calculating when a reserved election should be held which in the eyes of the public is considered too far -fetched. President Wee Kim Wee was never by any stretch of imagination an elected president and for the Attorney-General to start counting the five continuous terms from the term of president Wee is utterly incomprehensible and may be against the nature of justice. Dr. Tan said that there was no proper explanation as to why the A-G advised the Government to start the count from Dr. Wee's term and suggested that the Government can refer the Attorney-General's opinion to court for independent judicial verification.

The Malays do not appear to be comfortable with the presidential election in 2017 reserved for them as many,especially the more discerning ones, regard it as a gesture of tokenism by the PAP Government. Another glaring element to them is the dearth of finding suitable candidates to contest. It will certainly be a blessing to them if there is an independent judicial verification to invalidate the Attorney-General's opinion to start the count from Dr. Wee's term as first elected president. It would mean that the 2017 presidential election will be an open election and not a reserved election for the Malays. This will be a blessing for the Malays because this will save them from having to make a Hobson's choice on the reserved election.

This will mean that the prospects of Dr. Tan Cheng Bock contesting the 2017 presidential election will be so much brighter, which will be to the horror of the PAP leaders, especially the bright spark PM Lee Hsien Loong. Dr. Tan has said that he is leaving his options open and if he qualifies to contest, what his chances are is a foregone conclusion in view of his groundswell of support.


robot208 said...

(1) All S'poreans had one whole yr to voice their respective views on this issue & the final recommendation was by a committee chaired by the Attorney General to the Gov't. Yet after the horse has long bolted out, someone wants to veto this recommendation, what kind of crab is this ? If u ever miss an exam paper, it is gone forever, period, agree ? If u ever miss a job interview, it is gone forever, agree ? It u ever miss yr own last breath, it is gone forever, agree ? So, just too bad, he simply miss the boat, period !
(2) Reality is when an act is passed by Parliament, it is taken as legal. So, no difference with the said act passed during the reign of President Wee, period. Similarly, when a certain act is passed that only certain group of people are eligible to buy HDB flats, those in the queue previously eligible will surely lose out, agree ? That is how the legal system works to be effective to prevent unscrupulous persons taking advantage of the situation., period. There has to be a certain legal cut-off from any legal court contest, period

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